Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis at home

neck pain with osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis is plaguing more and more people today.

If earlier older men and women went to the doctor with this disease, now even teenagers can timidly knock on his door. Osteochondrosis of the cervical region is "getting younger" from year to year, so its treatment is an urgent problem for generations.

Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

A sedentary lifestyle and insufficient physical activity will eventually be felt. And it would be nice just fatigue in the back and neck.

In reality, disrespect for one's own body soon begins to show symptoms of osteochondrosis, sometimes detached, sometimes in a row.

In general, cervical osteochondrosis, whose symptoms are classified below, can be relieved by "stinging" in the neck, dizziness, buzzing and throbbing in the ears, "stars" in front of the eyes, and headache.


The most common symptoms of neck disease are called reflexes. They most often occur in the form of short-term "shooting". In this case, only a doctor can diagnose osteochondrosis, because not only this disease manifests itself in this way.

All reflex syndromes are divided into three types:

  • cervical pain - severe pain in the neck and spine;
  • cervicocranialgia - discomfort when turning the head and uncomfortable posture;
  • posterior sympathetic dysphoria - compression of arteries in the cervical region, which also causes severe pain.

These symptoms usually occur only when they are exposed to additional factors - prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position or hypothermia of the neck.

There is pain in the back of the head, with loads, the hands get tired faster.

In particularly severe cases, cervical osteochondrosis can be mistaken for heart disease - when discomfort is felt in the thoracic region and the left arm is swollen.


Osteochondrosis cannot be started - treatment should be started as soon as possible. Otherwise, after some time it will be possible to feel the radicular symptoms of the disease.

They occur only with a complication, when the spinal nerves and vessels are constricted and compressed in the neck. Once they become inflamed and block enough airflow to the brain, oxygen starvation begins.

Radicular symptoms are manifested in the patient's irritability, drowsiness and apathy, because his body does not have enough oxygen to function normally. These signs, along with pain in the neck and spine, are a serious reason to see a doctor.

Treatment with folk remedies

Osteochondrosis of the cervical region, for which home treatment has been found and tested by many generations of patients, does not necessarily require expensive medications. Ancestor experience is a powerful enough tool to deal with this, and it often helps to overcome the disease.

There are many folk remedies that relieve pain in osteochondrosis, relieve muscle tension and keep the nerves from tightening.

Methods of traditional medicine, according to tradition, include:

  • grease and rubbing;
  • gymnastics;
  • massages and self-massages;
  • herbal compresses and other medicines.

The most effective methods of resolving osteochondrosis are listed below.

Honey ointment

Like many diseases, osteochondrosis can be treated with honey. More precisely, an ointment based on it, which will help reduce muscle spasm and improve metabolism in the affected area of the neck.

folk remedies for cervical osteochondrosis

To prepare the fat you need to mix 300 grams of heated honey, 6 grams of mummy and a tablespoon of warm water. The finished product is applied to the neck and massaged for about two minutes.

After that, more fat is added to the affected areas, a light self-massage is performed and the neck is wrapped in polyethylene and a warm scarf. In order for the components of the drug to be better absorbed, you can take a shower before the procedure.

horseradish leaves

Horseradish leaves in the treatment of osteochondrosis work with excess salt - remove it from the body.

Therefore, even with old diseases, their use is of great benefit and meaning. Fresh leaves of the young plant are especially useful, but a dried version can also be used.

Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis with horseradish takes the form of compresses, tinctures and even baths. The raw leaves are poured over boiling water and applied to the affected areas, and the dry ones are pre-soaked well.

The longer the medicine stays on the affected area of the neck, the better the effect will be. Leaving the coating on overnight is the most correct solution.

The tincture is prepared on the basis of vodka or alcohol diluted in half with water, in the ratio of washed and finely chopped leaves to liquid 1: 1.

The prepared "cocktail" is defended for a week in the basement or on the lower shelf of the refrigerator, after which it is taken out and filtered. Take the tincture half an hour before meals.

Other herbal preparations

In addition to horseradish, wraps can be made from many other plants. Most of them will have a warming effect and improve the work of the circulatory system in the affected parts of the neck.

Herbs from which compresses can be made include:

  1. licorice;
  2. podbjel;
  3. celery root;
  4. madder;
  5. elderberry and many others.

A compress of 1 g of propolis, 50 g of mustard powder, 50 g of aloe juice and 400 ml of vodka is considered very effective. All components are mixed and applied to particularly painful areas at night.

Elderberry is made from the same vodka. Take a handful of elderberry and warming liquid in a ratio of 1: 4. The mixture is infused for 7 days, then a compress is applied overnight.

rolling pin

Treating cervical osteochondrosis at home with exercise also has its place. Exercises with a rolling pin or other similar projectile are considered particularly effective.

A similar massage is performed as follows: the patient lies on the floor or other hard surface, a rolling pin is placed under his neck, which must be "wrapped". With the help of exercise, the neck and neck area of the back are worked out.

In no case should it be taken as a rolling pin during the period of worsening of the disease.

Gymnastics with cervical osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis, a home treatment with gymnastics for which it is mostly borrowed from yoga, passes faster if you use all the recipes of traditional medicine in the complex. However, the patient's condition should also be considered.

For example, gymnastics classes are contraindicated in exacerbations of osteochondrosis.

If there is no reason to reject it, you must consider the following exercises:

  • sitting on the floor on your heels, grab the lock on your neck with your hands and with their help tilt your head slightly, shaking it back and forth. There should be no sudden movements or pain;
  • lying on his back on the floor, legs bent at the knees. While holding the position, the patient should roll from one side to the other;
  • keeping your back straight and placing your hands in front of you on a table or other surface, you must slowly turn your head in different directions;
  • lying on the floor on your stomach, occasionally raise your head. Sudden movements are unacceptable;
  • lying on his back on the floor with his legs straight, one arm on his chest and the other under his middle back. Inhale and hold the air for 10 seconds.

There are many more exercises that help fight cervical osteochondrosis, but the main thing when doing any of them is to maintain a smooth and calm rhythm.


In addition to compresses, tinctures, gymnastics and ointments, self-massage is used to fight diseases. Sitting in a comfortable chair, the patient should massage the neck in a circle: kneading 4-5 times, rubbing 6-8 times and rubbing twice.

Cervical osteochondrosis, home treatment with self-massage for which it is a serious test, can significantly reduce its manifestations if the procedure is performed often enough.

neck massage for osteochondrosis

Self-massage has clear advantages: relying on their own feelings, the patient can control the frequency of movements and their strength, saving themselves from pain and discomfort. This exercise perfectly relaxes the muscles and removes tension in the neck.


Cervical osteochondrosis should be treated comprehensively, approaching it from all sides.

In addition to medical intervention in the situation, folk heritage should be used - ointments, wraps and gymnastics.

This will help to get rid of the disease as soon as possible or weaken its effect - and life will return to its bright and rich program.